Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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  • kiljoy616
    Apr 21, 03:44 PM
    This really is not a issue in my opinion. Smart phones have tons of data stored on them and if its really not being sent, whats the harm. If someone were to get my phone and read my info, they will be as excited as I used to be in PE class. First the DUI checkpoints now this. Is there something more important for them to look into? Like a Budget and ( insert concern here ) :)

    Now if your a bad boy or girl, I can see this becoming a Court Evidence Issue in the near future. But until then, remember the NSA scans calls randomly for "our safety" Bigger issues than this in the world of privacy.

    You really don't know much about the state of things, just be glad their are millions of us. Your illogical thoughts remind me of forfeiture laws which most people say will not impact them until they do and then what?

    I bought a phone for certain things, I did not buy the phone for Apple Inc. or anyone else to be able to use it against me for any reason what ever that reason might be. But I do see how most people can not perceive that it could be a dangerous precedence when their world is small and limited.

    So if your getting your Dexter on its best to leave the phone at home.:D

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  • JoeG4
    Feb 27, 04:24 PM
    Yeeup sounds about right.

    Digging that Mac Pro though! :D

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  • CFreymarc
    Apr 2, 08:21 PM
    I really like this ad. Maybe this will be the new direction of Apple's marketing?

    Apple was one of the first to proclaim that technology is a means to your jobs and not the job itself. The world uses tools that engineers make for a purpose and not having the hotted box out there.

    To use the automotive analogy, we are out of the muscle car era and moving into a market where functionality overrides hardcore specs. This also makes the jobs of an engineer much more difficult since customer demands are now more intangible.

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  • Snowy_River
    Nov 15, 02:14 PM
    So, that means that there's no practical reason Apple couldn't give an 8-core BTO option right away... Say, for around an additional $999? (The 3GHz quad-core model is an additional $799.) For those that need it, the extra $200 would be well worth it. For those that just want the bragging rights, well, I guess they can afford the $200.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Mar 23, 11:58 AM
    The classic is too young to be old school. But it feels that way.

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  • danielwsmithee
    Nov 27, 03:09 PM
    I'm sorry, why is their target audience dwindling?It all comes down to how much extra you are willing to pay for the increased monitor specification. Most will pay 20% very few will pay 75%.

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  • antster94
    Apr 3, 01:54 PM
    Nice to see there's one in existence without a light bleed.

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  • mambodancer
    Jul 18, 04:15 PM
    First, couple of corrections. Netflix is already offering both HD-DVD and Bluray Disk rentals of available movies. So, technically high definition movie is for rent. I have not rented any yet because I am waiting for the prices to come down a little bit and also a victor to emerge.

    I rented an HD-DVD from netflix (Van Helsing) and it wouldn't play on my Mac. I thought that the current version of DVD player would let you play these discs but all I could find through Apple tech support is that DVD player will let you play DVD Studio Pro burnt HD discs.

    Or am I doing something wrong?

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  • Tubby The Bull
    Oct 23, 08:49 AM
    Hi folks!

    I've read Macrumors every day for years, so I figure I may as well start participating :)

    Last Friday, we took our Nov'05 PowerBook into the local Apple dealer to trade it in for a MBP. We've been with particular dealer for over 10 years, so there is a good trust/freindship thing going on. Anyhow, the dealer told us he expects new MBP models within 10 days, so he is holding our order until Halloween.

    He's been right before, so we have a pretty good feeling about October 31st.

    Obviously, it can't be verified... I'm just relaying the info I've been given.

    Don't flame me - I'm a friendly Canuk :p


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  • awraisch
    Sep 5, 08:25 AM
    do they usually shut the store down for something as small as a speed bump?

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  • iBug2
    May 2, 06:03 PM
    So you're saying we should go back to Mac OS Classic cooperative multi-tasking ?

    Hello ?

    The 80s called, they want their computing paradigms back. Cooperative multi-tasking makes sense on ressource limited architectures. Even the iPhone/iPad like devices are far from "ressource limited". We had pre-emptive multi-tasking on much less capable devices (think 386s with 8 MB of RAM).

    Obviously the guy you replied to did not know anything he was talking about. Apple's resume function on Lion does not break the multitasking we have on SL anyway and it's just a nice addition.

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  • Robin Chung
    Mar 25, 04:29 PM
    That's amazing! The hardware is moving so fast now, the gains are incredible. Hopefully many more ios developers will take some time to create amazing features like these.

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  • shawnce
    Jul 19, 04:23 PM
    I see a little confusion on numbers, for the straight facts review the two PDFs provided by Apple (data summary is a good one to understand unit volumes)...

    Q306 Data Summary (

    Q306 Financial Statements (

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  • fswmacguy
    Sep 8, 08:44 PM
    I've always been a sucker for the SwitchEasy products.

    But they do not have any iPod touch 4G cases yet. :C

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  • Kedrik
    Jan 12, 04:01 PM
    Macbook Air just leaves too many possibilities for...

    Macbook Error,

    Just think of the press on the first glitch. Yikes.

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  • Small White Car
    Aug 29, 09:06 AM
    Why is everyone so hung up on Merom?

    I never expected the mini to go that way this year. Remember, the entire point of the mini is to be LOW COST.

    The switch to Intel caused the price of the mini to jump $100. I would much rather see its processor lag behind a little bit if they can get that price back to $499.

    Same thing with the Macbook, I'd rather see a $999 Macbook with the current chips than a $1,099 Macbook that keeps up with the Macbook Pro's chips.

    Of course, there's nothing saying Apple will lower the prices but IF they do then I would be very happy to see the "old" Intel chips stay in those machines another 6 months. The first core chips are still VERY fast chips, it's the rest of the system (video card) that's holding things up now. I wonder how much extra benefit you'd even get from a Merom chip in a mini.

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  • Edge100
    Sep 1, 12:47 PM
    Hmm... the problem with that line-up is that when consumers see the shiny new advert saying "Meet the new iMacs" they'll look at the clock speeds and say "What new iMacs?". I think it would be reasonable for Apple to offer...

    17" iMac - $1,199 - 2 GHz, X1650 Pro 128 MB
    20" iMac - $1,699 - 2.16 GHz, X1650 Pro 256 MB
    23" iMac - $2,199 - 2.33 GHz, X1650 Pro 256 MB

    No way would I pay an extra $500 for an 8% faster machine and a slighly larger display, when for that money I can go with the 20" and buy a second widescreen 20" display and have a HUGE viewable area.

    The 23" is going to have to be a LOT closer to the 20" in order for it to sell. I'm thinking $1899 or $1999, or else it will have to be decked out with extra RAM, HD space, or CPU speed.

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  • Cybergypsy
    Oct 23, 03:22 PM
    Just sold my macbook, and have a ughhhhh PC to get me buy, (son works at office depot 400.00 HP DV1000) but had the do pC people do in the bank and the wait begins.....

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  • Surely
    Nov 25, 11:12 PM
    ^^^^^Could I recommend a case for that?


    Nov 28, 10:55 AM
    In fact - that comparison is a little early. Make the same one in 5 years.


    Peter O - 'remember 4 years ago when microsoft tried to bring an out ipod thingy called Zoine, or something like that' :rolleyes:

    Steve J - 'not really'

    Peter O - 'in fact, what ever happened to microsoft anyway?'

    Steve - 'Who Cares?'

    Mar 12, 06:16 PM
    EDIT: I forgot to post this earlier: a GM spokesman has denied ( that the North American Cruze diesel has gotten the green light for production. He seems to imply that GM is waiting to gauge reactions to the existing Cruze lineup before making a decision on a diesel option. So, no new information really. It's obviously a product under consideration, but it seems unlikely we'd see it in showrooms till late next year at the earliest.

    Do you think GM would confirm an internet report of a diesel Cruze coming? Unless it comes from themselves, they won't confirm anything.

    Apr 19, 08:44 PM
    >Thunder Bolt
    >Sandy Bridge quad
    >8GB RAM 1666Mhz (standard)
    >5000 - 6000 ATI Radeon HD
    >30" Inch/24" Inch
    >HD Cam

    My predictions/wishes.

    Sep 6, 08:49 AM
    4 week delay if you want the 160GB drive. Maybe I'll buy my own, but it's only $200 from Apple.

    Any thoughts - why no Merom?

    Oct 10, 03:50 PM
    I disagree. After all, its in the USA and shipping times are slashed. I bought a couple iPhone cases and whenever I've had issues with the case, they always solved it. I can't say the same about sellers from Hong Kong that just don't care.

    For the record, I've had a couple Hong Kong cases I wasn't happy with and I was issued pretty prompt refunds for them with no need to return it.

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